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War Story 120-A

War story - tax return preparation, financial statement preparation and PPP loan fraud

Topic: Fraud, PPP loan Services: Tax return preparation, financial statement preparation Al Highsmith, the owner of an auto repair and restoration business, Classy Chassis, in the New England area, has had financial difficulties with the business for many years, partly because he “borrows” money from the business for personal expenses but does not repay the … Read more

War Story 120-B

War story - fraudulent PPP loans in tax return preparation

Topic: Fraudulent PPP loans Services: Tax return preparation Russ Erickson, CPA, knew something was wrong when the IRS began rejecting tax returns he had prepared and submitted for some of his clients. When he contacted the IRS, they suspected that the clients’ Social Security Numbers (SSNs) had already been used for fraudulent tax returns, indicating … Read more

Understanding First-Party and Third-Party Cyber Coverages

With cybersecurity threats coming from all directions, it’s crucial for CPA firms and their staff to be aware of how the risk exposures impact the firm as well as the client. When there is a claim, it is important to understand how cyber insurance coverages respond and it’s vital to engage with qualified legal and … Read more

Sourcing a Strong Candidate Pool Is Pushing Firms Outside Their Comfort Zone

Employee and candidate demands for a flexible schedule and/or remote working environment are pushing accounting firms outside of their comfort zone as they try to remain competitive. Firms that have not in the past considered allowing employees to work in a remote environment, citing security and control reasons, are now finding themselves with a limited … Read more

Webcast Schedule and Self-Study Courses, January-March 2022

(All Free to CAMICO Policyholder Firms) We are happy to announce we have recorded some new webcasts and have updated others. In addition, we are offering a wide selection of self-study courses leased from Checkpoint Learning. Included are several “nano” courses, which are typically 0.2 credits and run approximately 10 minutes. Some states allow nano … Read more

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Engagement Letters Updated for 2021-2022 Tax Year

We have reviewed all of our engagement letters and have updated the letters as necessary for the 2021/2022 tax year. You’ll find our most popular letters on the Members-Only Site in the Engagement Letters Resource Center. For tax letters: A date following the title means the letter was reviewed and updated (e.g., [Name of Letter] … Read more

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