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Claims Guidance

Disputes and claims can be stressful. Let CAMICO’s experts guide you so that you can get back to doing what you do best – serving your clients.

A claims situation – or even the potential for one –  can be worrisome. And with concerns about your practice, assets and reputation, it’s easy to imagine the worst. During such times, you want the confidence and reassurance that you have the right team on your side. We have specialists who will help you navigate the situation with knowledge, tact, and expertise.

With over 35 years of experience handling accountant’s professional liability claims, there is very little CAMICO’s team of claims specialists hasn’t seen.  They’ll work with you towards equitable resolutions that best protect you and your firm. 


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CAMICO’s Proactive Claims Handling Strategy

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1. Philosophy and approach

CAMICO’s sole focus is to deliver thorough counsel throughout the claims handling process, so claims are resolved efficiently and effectively. We view each claim as an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and personal approach to helping you.

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2. Early intervention

Most insurance companies don’t want to hear from you unless you have a claim. CAMICO is different. Policyholders are encouraged to call the Claims department concerning any incident that has the potential to be a future claim. Any potential claims expenses are absorbed by CAMICO and are not applied against the firm’s limit of liability or the deductible, even if a claim is subsequently made. Furthermore, we provide a deductible credit of 50%, up to $50,000, for early reporting of a potential claim during the policy period in which it becomes known. CAMICO knows that an early evaluation of the problem often leads to a quick resolution, reducing the demand on your time and resources.

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3. A focused and proactive defense

Your claims specialist will apply upfront analysis to develop and implement a strategy to resolve the matter. The proactive approach includes assembling, when warranted, a team of experienced lawyers, experts, and consultants, with a strong emphasis on risk management.

Subpoena and Consultation Services

Services to guide you through a subpoena process

Subpoenas and third party requests for information can be intimidating. CAMICO’s team of knowledgeable claims specialists is here to guide you through the subpoena process. CAMICO offers policyholders with Professional Liability Insurance comprehensive subpoena and consultation services. These services are designed to assist you in reducing the risk of claims or future litigation.

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Subpoena Services

Under certain circumstances, and at CAMICO’s discretion, we may appoint legal counsel to assist policyholders with services such as:

  • Interfacing with attorneys
  • Preparing for pre-trial and pre-grand jury testimony
  • Responding to requests and legal processes including civil subpoenas
  • Advice in connection with criminal and grand jury subpoenas
  • Third-party requests for information
  • Regulatory requests
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Consultation Services

Comprehensive advisory assistance on a variety of sensitive client matters affecting the profession and practice management, including:

  • Engagement and disengagement issues
  • Third-party requests for information
  • Responses to legal process, subpoenas, regulatory inquiries and miscellaneous matters

The information provided is a general overview and not intended to be a complete description of all applicable terms and conditions of coverage. Actual coverages and risk management services and resources may vary and are subject to policy provisions as issued. Coverage and risk management services may vary and are provided by CAMICO and/or through its partners and subsidiaries.

Savings to your Firm

When you’re dealing with a lawsuit, or even worrying about the potential for one, you and your staff are taken away from the billable hours that are your practice’s lifeblood. By utilizing CAMICO Specialists, you save valuable resources you would otherwise spend on outside counsel. Contact CAMICO to learn more, or get started on a personalized professional liability insurance quote today.

70 %

potential claims we were able to keep from becoming actual claims

95 %

money spent on potential claims absorbed by CAMICO and not charged against the deductible or policy limit


incidents that could have led to claims that were managed by claims specialists


the average number of calls received from policyholders each month


Additional calls on new matters (potential claims and reported claims) handled by our Claims department each year

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