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Cyber Coverage

A lot of business is conducted online – which means you need coverage for the unique risks of doing business digitally. Don’t lose time and money to a cyberattack or data breach: Protect yourself with cyber coverage from CAMICO.

Long gone are the days of worrying about a misplaced floppy disk full of sensitive information. Today you have bigger worries – such as a malicious third party holding your digital data for ransom. Of course, not all data breaches are complex crimes perpetrated on large companies. Small to midsize firms run just as much risk. Phishing schemes, outdated passwords, and unprotected mobile devices can make any firm vulnerable. That’s why CyberCPA coverage from CAMICO is your best defense when it comes to protecting you and your clients. CyberCPA is specifically tailored to the needs of CPAs and is available to policyholders with CAMICO Mutual’s Professional Liability insurance.

Cyber Insurance coverage for CPA's and accounting firms
Cyber Insurance coverage for CPA's and accounting firms

Core coverages (first-party) include:

    • Privacy Breach Response Costs
    • Network Asset Protection (including Non-Physical Business Interruption)
    • Cyber Extortion
    • Cyber Terrorism
    • Read here for additional details

Risk Management and Claims Handling

Firms with CyberCPA coverage have access to a cyber risk management website with tools and resources on how to safeguard information, increase awareness of cyber risk, and effectively respond in the event of a cyber incident or suspected breach. A suspected or actual privacy breach must be reported directly to CAMICO, who will then engage a breach services specialist to manage the claim. 

Breach Response Services

With CyberCPA coverage, you have access to comprehensive Breach Response Services coordinated by cyber claims professionals who will work with your firm throughout the entire response process, offering services such as:

  • IT security and forensic experts
  • Media relations assistance
  • Breach notification to clients
  • Credit monitoring and identity theft education and assistance

Coverage Limits

For firms seeking higher cyber limits, please contact CAMICO and speak with an Account Executive about stand-alone cyber coverage options.

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To download an application and relevant supplements, please visit the Applications and Supplements page.


This information is provided as a general overview and is not intended to be a complete description of all applicable terms and conditions of coverage. Actual coverages and risk management services and resources may change without notice and are subject to policy provisions as issued. Coverage and risk management services may vary and are provided by CAMICO and/or through its partners and subsidiaries. CAMICO is a registered trademark of CAMICO Mutual Insurance Company. ©CAMICO Mutual Insurance Company. All Rights Reserved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every carrier has a claims management philosophy, whether it is in a written statement or not. Ask the attorneys, who work as defense counsel for CPA professional liability carriers, for their assessments of the carrier’s claims handling process and philosophy. Most insurers make sound choices in selecting legal counsel and devising defense strategies, although some carriers may have more expertise in defending lawyers, doctors and design professionals than they do in defending CPAs—and the disciplines are very different from each other. The insurer should have skilled claims representatives on staff willing to work closely with the CPA firm and legal counsel in defending the claim.

There are many reasons why CPAs switch to CAMICO for their insurance needs. Here are five reasons why many CPAs choose CAMICO.

  1. Created by CPAs, for CPAs: As a company formed and run by CPAs, CAMICO concentrates on insurance products and services for CPA firms only. The CPA focus means that we monitor and stay closely in step with changes in the accounting profession to provide timely risk management communications to policyholders on significant matters that pose potential liability exposures.
  2. We only work with CPAs: Unlike many other carriers, CAMICO insures CPAs only and does not insure other professionals. Everyone at CAMICO only works with, and for CPAs. This is a big benefit because as a policyholder, you consult directly with in-house specialists and experts some of whom are also CPAs. It is very likely, that any situation you encounter will be one that our loss prevention and/or claims team has seen before and therefore, are in a position to respond, advise and guide you.
  3. Superior Service: Nothing is more important to us than supporting the needs of our policyholders. We call it ‘The CAMICO Experience’, a personalized approach to taking care of you.  Don’t take our word for it – check out testimonials from some of our policyholders.
  4. Stability: Since opening our company in 1986, our goal has always been to protect the profession over the long term and provide a stable insurance program of choice for all CPAs. We offer stability of coverage. We have proudly been protecting the profession for 37 continuous years.
  5. Free, unlimited education, advice and resources: Policyholders with professional liability insurance have access to advice hotlines, education opportunities, practice management resources, a robust Members-Only Site and much more. For example, all of the CPAs at your firm have access to free CPE (approximately 20 free CPE credits per year). Consider the savings to your firm and staff.

Yes we do. In addition to CPA Professional Liability Insurance, CAMICO offers Employment Practices Liability, and Cyber insurance, and will place your Business Owners Package, Workers Compensation insurance and select Cyber liability policies through our wholly owned agency. As a company singularly focused on CPAs, our products and services are designed to deliver the expertise, support and solutions necessary to protect CPA firms. If you are interested to learn more, contact the team at CAMICO and we can help you select the right coverage options to meet the needs of your firm, thus helping to eliminate any gaps in your firm’s liability protection. 

Cyber coverage should include breach response services, network asset protection, cyber extortion (ransomware) expenses, proactive cyber-security resources, and other insurance program components. Effective coverage is available at reasonable rates. Services should be provided by experts experienced in cyber incidents, legal and notification requirements, IT forensics, and other cyber-related services. 

Your firm can purchase a CAMICO policy in any one of these ways:

  • Online: If you are a CPA firm with up to 3 CPAs and / or non-CPA professionals that has revenues of $500,000 or less and provides services such as tax, accounting, bookkeeping, review, compilation or management consulting – then obtain an online professional liability insurance (PLI) quote by going to our online application. You’ll be asked to answer a few simple questions, receive three quote options to choose from and can click to purchase.
  • Application: If you’re looking for Professional Liability Insurance, then visit the applications page to download, complete and submit your state specific application. A CAMICO Account Executive will work directly with you to help identify your coverage requirements and secure the best insurance package for your firm.
  • Other business insurance: Looking for a Workers Compensation or Business Owners Package quote, then call 800.652.1772 and request to speak with an Account Executive.

CAMICO is no stranger to challenging times. The program continues to be highly effective in protecting CPAs in difficult times as well as in good times — and through it all our risk management and claims professionals help CPAs with their current and evolving needs. 

Since the company’s founding in 1986, CAMICO has navigated three recessions by taking decisive actions when needed, all with a responsible approach to financial management, maintaining stable insurance rates over time, and prioritizing the continued protection, security and success of our policyholders. 

Currently we serve more than 8,000 firms throughout the U.S. and average a 94% renewal rate each year – reflecting strong loyalty in response to ‘the CAMICO Experience’. This was further validated in a 2020 CAMICO policyholder survey showing over 95% of respondents are likely to recommend CAMICO. 

Simply call 800.652.1772 and request to speak with a Specialist. CAMICO dedicates an entire Loss Prevention department to answer your questions. On call to help policyholders are CPAs and experts with a wealth of experience. Especially noteworthy is that all of the advice is free and included with your professional liability or employment practices liability insurance policy. Furthermore, we do not limit the frequency or duration of policyholder consultations with our Specialists. We want you to call and we encourage it!

When evaluating Accountants Professional Liability Insurance programs, CPAs often look for “apples to apples” comparisons — which may involve insurance coverages, limits, premiums and deductibles — to determine the best deal. But, just because programs may look similar, it doesn’t always mean they are. That’s why we recommend you consider which program gives you the best value and return on your premium. 

While the cost of premium is a major consideration for any firm, we encourage CPAs to consider the potential consequences of choosing a carrier just on that one factor. Questions to ask include:

  • Will the carrier be there to fully support the firm when the firm really needs expert guidance?
  • Does the carrier provide the advice and resources needed to help CPAs avoid and minimize damages?
  • Is the program dedicated to the profession and do the insurance professionals there have a complete understanding of what CPAs do?
  • How long has the program been insuring CPA firms and how many CPA firms do they insure?

Another point to consider is quality of service and responsiveness. You want to choose a carrier who answers your call and returns messages in a timely manner. So, you have peace of mind that they will be there to help when you really need it. 

We have a team of Account Executives and Underwriters on staff who you can talk to for help with your questions.  Direct account executives can assist in the following ways:

  • Help obtain a free, no-obligation insurance quote 
  • Explain product coverages and limits to help CPAs better understand what is included in the policy 
  • Help identify coverage requirements, determine optimal coverage limits, provide recommendations, and answer questions about premiums 
  • Secure the best insurance package for the firm

Each firm is also assigned a dedicated Underwriter who can help address coverage questions and concerns. Underwriters are available to meet with policyholders via conference calls. This gives policyholders an opportunity to discuss the CAMICO program while giving the Underwriters a better perspective of the policyholder’s business to help reduce the policyholder firm’s risk and improve CAMICO services.

CAMICO uses a team approach when supporting policyholders with each department specializing in expertise, guidance, and support in a specific area.

Customer Service: CAMICO has dedicated, in-house Customer Service representatives who are the first points of contact for anyone calling the CAMICO hotlines. This team also supports members who have general inquiries or questions.

Sales: Potential policyholders speak with our direct account executives who can assist with obtaining an insurance quote, explaining coverages, identifying coverage requirements, answering questions about premium and more.

Underwriting: Each policyholder firm has a dedicated Underwriter who is the firm’s primary contact for coverage questions and concerns. 

Claims Handling, Potential Claims and Subpoenas: CAMICO’s team of dedicated, in-house Claims specialists works to develop equitable resolutions that best protect the interests of policyholder firms. Our Claims specialists also provide assistance with potential claims matters or questions.  

Loss Prevention: CAMICO’s in-house Loss Prevention team of specialists assists policyholders with ways to minimize liability risks and help keep CPAs current on accounting liability trends, changes, and risk management best practices. We have advice hotlines available for general loss prevention questions, tax advice, accounting & auditing and employment practices.

Why our policyholders choose CAMICO