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CAMICO stood behind me and my firm with outstanding insurance and advice and an excellent selection of expert legal counsel. I would not hesitate to recommend CAMICO to any other CPA firm.

Donald Lucove, CPA

Lucove, Say & Company, Calabasas, CA

I cannot say how much our firm appreciates the way CAMICO stood behind us and worked with us recently to resolve a claim. We had many ups and downs and challenges during the litigation, but CAMICO stood with us at all times. The way CAMICO dealt with all of the parties involved was professional and terrific.

Raymond Scheaffer

Abbott, Stringham & Lynch, San Jose, CA

My firm switched from another company to CAMICO many years ago because of the technical support we get from CAMICO. We really appreciate the Loss Prevention services such as engagement letter reviews. Being able to call someone when we need expert advice on issues such as modifying engagements, and having someone to wordsmith a letter with us to get it right — those are very valuable services to us.

Ernest F. Howard, CPA

Los Angeles, CA

CAMICO’s advisory services people provided me with extensive advice on disengaging from clients, including advice on disengagement letter language. They also helped me work through a difficult personnel issue to a satisfactory conclusion. It really helps me to be able to talk with an expert about potential problems, even if it’s just to gain a little more peace of mind.

Philip L. Robinett, CPA

Morgan Hill, CA

We really appreciate the technical support that CAMICO provides in preventing potential claims from materializing into a full-blown claim. One matter came up that had the potential to rattle us and set us back, but CAMICO handled it so well that the process was completely smooth. The specialists took our worry and basically set it aside as the process unfolded. We also utilize CAMICO’s accounting and auditing advisory services as well as its tax advisory services. The training materials, videos, templates for engagement letters, and website all work very well for us.

Jon A. D'Agostino, PHR

Johanson & Yau Accountancy Corporation, San Jose, CA

We called CAMICO regarding an unusual situation involving a subpoena that we weren’t sure about how to handle or whether it was a potential claim. We received an immediate response from a CAMICO specialist who answered all of our questions and walked us through the appropriate information. CAMICO also referred us to an attorney, who advised us that the subpoena was defective, and the whole thing went away. But the expert advice was so reassuring at a time when we were uncertain about whether or not we had a problem. The response was incredibly efficient and helpful.

Ronda Lawson, AAAPM

The Henry Levy Group, Oakland, CA

“Our firm has been with CAMICO for many years, and the services we find most helpful are mainly through the Loss Prevention program. We have the opportunity to call CAMICO staff specialists who give us a lot of time and helpful advice with problems in advance of critical decisions and actions. We also like being able to go online to utilize a whole host of sample engagement letters and other documents on the Members-Only Site, and CAMICO provides us with great discounts on several products and services. We’ve enjoyed our association with the company for the many years we’ve been with CAMICO.”

Sergio Minassi, CPA/CVA

Zdonek & Wolowicz Accountancy Corp., Torrance, CA

“An older CPA told me 20 years ago, ‘Just go with CAMICO. Don’t consider any other professional liability insurance company.’ I still believe that is good advice — advice I would give a younger CPA today. I’d recommend CAMICO to any CPA, whether they are just starting out or have been practicing for years. CAMICO does an outstanding job.”

Daniel J. Domancich, CPA, CFP(R)

Huntington Beach, CA


“We are fortunate to have CAMICO as our insurer. We have had nothing but positive experiences with the company and everyone associated with it. Our claims specialist took time to attend the meetings, including the mediation, and he got to know us on a personal level. CAMICO’s choice of a top-shelf attorney to represent us was outstanding. I can’t imagine a better or more professional experience than what we have had with our attorney, our claims specialist, and CAMICO.”

Mike Dixon

Dixon, Waller & Co., Inc. CPAs, Trinidad, CO


We have always found CAMICO’s online resources to be extremely helpful – especially the templates for communications with clients and third parties. When we recently found ourselves facing a potential issue that needed their direct assistance and support, CAMICO responded immediately and provided the additional resources and professional expertise to navigate through the issue with only positive outcomes. We were glad to have them on our side!

Jacquelyn S. Daenen, CPA, CCIFP

Daenen Henderson & Company, Alexandria, LA


I’ve been very happy with the responsive guidance I receive from CAMICO regarding issues such as engagement letters, fee and collection problems, disengagement, and potential claims. CAMICO does a great job of replying to our questions, often during the same day. We have looked at other carriers, but there are so many ‘ins and outs’ in professional liability that you realize it’s not just the insurance—it’s the resources and services you receive. We feel that CAMICO is well worth the money.

Susan Smolenski, Chief Operating Officer

DeBoer, Baumann & Company, PLC, Holland, MI


“A few years ago, a disgruntled heir to an estate filed a lawsuit against my firm and me, alleging bias on our part. I immediately reported the claim to CAMICO and was soon contacted by a claims specialist who evaluated the merits of the case. She diligently obtained the pertinent information from us to investigate the allegations and to discuss the appropriate action to deal with them. She also assigned an attorney to represent us. Over the next 18 months, the attorney worked with us, gathering information to support our position and doing a yeoman’s job of designing a defense to mitigate the potential impact of the allegations, as well as making every attempt possible to get the case dismissed. During the entire process, both my attorney and claims specialist kept me continuously apprised of the progress by email and phone conversations. While the original allegations included a settlement that could have been financially devastating, our legal counsel succeeded in achieving a settlement that probably didn’t even cover the plaintiff’s legal fees. While this matter was a very stressful situation for me and my firm, I have never been more confident that I had the right team on my side. I am truly grateful for the attention to detail that was executed during the whole process. Furthermore, both the claims specialist and attorney exhibited a genuine concern that was totally directed to preserving my reputation. I will be eternally grateful for their efforts and am certainly glad I chose CAMICO to be my professional liability partner.”

Gary M. Gainspoletti, CPA, CFP

Gainspoletti and Associates, CPA, LLC, Cleveland, MS


I have worked for several firms, and their insurance programs do not offer the CPA-specific support, guidance and CPE that CAMICO offers. I always feel good when I come to the CAMICO members-only website and find just the right guidance or template I need. There is a huge difference, and I appreciate the excellent services and resources that CAMICO provides.

Jeremiah Mee, CPA

Jeremiah Mee CPA & Advisors, Springfield, MO

New York

I always have very positive experiences with CAMICO. When I call the hotlines or visit the online resource centers on the Members-Only Site, I get phenomenal loss prevention and best practices guidance. The proactive approach is one of the main reasons we’re with CAMICO. The email alerts and newsletters provide timely support, and the specialists always answer our questions and help us out, whether it’s with a subpoena, disengagement — anything that can happen to a CPA firm. We’re all human, and when something happens, you can’t just ignore it. You call CAMICO and speak with friendly and knowledgeable people who know what it’s like to be in my shoes. They’re much more like a partner than just an insurance company, and I’m very happy with that relationship.

David G. Young, CPA

Young & Company CPAs LLP, Rochester, NY

You never realize how important your professional liability insurance carrier is until you unfortunately experience a claim. I had been practicing for almost 40 years and was never sued by a client until recently. I was devastated, not only from being sued but also because of how hard our firm had worked for this client for the past 14 years. We contacted CAMICO and received immediate attention. Our claim specialist was genuinely sensitive to our feelings and concerns, and within a few days ensured that an outstanding law firm was retained to represent us. In addition to providing us with the finest legal counsel, our CAMICO representatives were with us every step of the way. After almost 18 months of difficult litigation, a window of opportunity opened for settlement discussions, and our specialist got directly involved in settlement proceedings. In addition to our planning discussions, the specialist was present for the actual meetings. I was incredibly impressed by how quickly she grasped the granular details of the case and the deficiencies in the plaintiff’s assumptions and consideration of the law. Our specialist earned the respect of opposing counsel, and together with our lawyers proceeded carefully and effectively to reach an appropriate settlement. Her leadership during settlement discussions was clearly the “turning point” in the case. We are deeply grateful to CAMICO for their outstanding support in helping us through one of the most difficult times in our firm’s history, and would highly recommend CAMICO to any CPA firm looking for the best possible professional liability insurance coverage.

Michael E. Nawrocki, Managing Partner

Nawrocki Smith LLP Melville, New York

South Carolina

CAMICO has been our professional liability insurance provider for a long time, and we have appreciated CAMICO’s newsletters and other updates, including continuing professional education offerings. Four and half years ago we had a client who committed fraud, through collusion, and we were sued for the first time ever. We notified CAMICO immediately, and CAMICO quickly contacted us, identified a local attorney, and we began the journey. Both our attorney and our CAMICO claims specialist were great to work with and were always available when needed. They led us through some discovery as well as mediation, during which time CAMICO identified a maximum settlement amount. There was a big difference at the end of the mediation between the CAMICO amount and what the claimant asked for. CAMICO stuck to that amount through periodic negotiations after mediation, and in the end, we were able to settle for the amount CAMICO identified early on. CAMICO’s expertise and guidance were invaluable throughout the four and a half years. While I hope we do not need that kind of expertise and guidance again, we rest easy knowing that CAMICO is there when we need them. Larry Finney, CPA

Larry Finney, CPA

Greene Finney, LLP, South Carolina


My experience with CAMICO has been great. Their customer service is second to none. Our firm’s representative at CAMICO is extremely responsive, thoroughly answers any questions we have, and has our firm’s best interests in mind. CAMICO’s products are competitively priced, and the professional guidance and loss prevention tools that are available to us online are comprehensive and impressive. I highly recommend.

Brandon Wenzel, CPA

Wenzel & Associates, San Antonio, TX

I find it so beneficial and comforting to have CAMICO in my corner when it comes to complex and difficult situations. CAMICO’s Loss Prevention Specialists are very open to helping with any new issues that arise, and my Account Executive and Underwriter worked with me to provide the right coverage when there were changes with my firm. The cyber-security risk management resources and advice are very timely and helpful. The CPE offerings and the speakers who cover the CPE material are phenomenal. The customer service is outstanding, and when I call CAMICO, I usually get to speak with the people I spoke with on earlier calls—they are always there for me!

Patty Havard, CPA/CFF

Patricia Havard PC, DeSoto, TX

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