War Story No. 102

102A: Voicemail-Email Fraud, Investment Advisory Services Wealthy shipping magnate John Urich had established a trust to care for his disabled wife in the event of his death. Urich’s CPA, Greg Roberts, provided tax and investment advisory services to Urich, while the trust department of Commercial Fiduciary Bank provided trustee services. At one point Roberts received … Read more

IMPACT 102: Revised AICPA Code Issued

The revised AICPA Code of Professional Conduct (AICPA Code) will be effective December 15, 2014 (early implementation permitted). The new conceptual frameworks and related interpretations will be effective December 15, 2015. The primary goal of the Ethics Codification Project was to restructure the AICPA Code so that members and other users of the AICPA Code … Read more

IMPACT 102: Interactive War Stories Receive High Approval Ratings

CAMICO’s first interactive War Stories, published in IMPACTs 100 and 101, have drawn largely positive responses from readers who provided feedback on the quizzes. Thank you for responding. We encourage you to continue to give us feedback about how we’re doing. About one-third of those who took the quizzes provided feedback. Of those, 86% posted … Read more

IMPACT 102: ‘I can’t sue for fees?!’ — Q&A on Lawsuits for Fees

CAMICO has been advising CPAs on fee issues for 28 years, and claims experience over that time has shown that suing clients for fees almost always prompts a cross complaint for malpractice. This in effect escalates a simple fee dispute to a professional liability lawsuit. Further, lawsuits and counter-suits almost always result in the CPA … Read more

IMPACT 102: 8 Steps to Breach Preparedness

If there was ever any doubt about the importance of data security, consider that the total number of breaches does not appear to be slowing down in the least. Since 2005, the total number has grown from about 580 million records in 2011 to about 870 million in 2014, and more than 250 million of … Read more