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IMPACT 102: Interactive War Stories Receive High Approval Ratings

CAMICO’s first interactive War Stories, published in IMPACTs 100 and 101, have drawn largely positive responses from readers who provided feedback on the quizzes. Thank you for responding. We encourage you to continue to give us feedback about how we’re doing.

About one-third of those who took the quizzes provided feedback. Of those, 86% posted positive comments about War Story 100, and 96% posted positive comments about War Story 101. About 10% posting mixed reviews for War Story 100, and 3% posting the same for War Story 101 (e.g., “Good, but too easy”). About 4% posted constructive feedback for War Story 100, and about 1% for War Story 101.

In response to the high approval rating, the interactive War Story quizzes will continue, and we will continue to solicit and welcome feedback from our readers. We also want to respond to the comments that were posted.

The positive comments generally included descriptors such as “excellent, educational, informative, insightful, thought provoking, a good process,” and perhaps best of all, “It prompted me to call CAMICO.” One policyholder wrote, “I liked the quiz as it presented a ‘real life’ situation that many of us have or may face in our practices. I find this a good way to sharpen my ability to think through situations from a risk management perspective, as we tend to focus more often on the business aspects of decisions.”

The main purpose of the quizzes is to stimulate thought and discussion about CPA risk exposures. CAMICO has always encouraged policyholders to call or email the company regarding any issues that may arise. Our risk management services are part of the CAMICO program, the purpose of which is to keep CPAs from becoming embroiled in disputes that can be prevented with effective tools and techniques. If you do happen to fall into a dispute, CAMICO is here to help minimize the damages.

CAMICO services are part of the company model created by CPAs in 1986 to help protect CPAs from liability exposures. For a full description of engagement letter services, advisory hotlines, members-only website resources, and many other services, visit and the Members-only Site.

As always, we invite policyholders to call 800.652.1772 / 650.378.6800 with any questions or concerns.

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