Loss Prevention Best Practices for Tax Season

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CAMICO has been developing solutions for CPA professional liability problems for more than 35 years, and tax season has always been a major part of that activity. The use of engagement letters for non-audit work, including tax engagements, was pioneered by CAMICO as an effective way to help document the CPA’s understanding with the client. … Read more

COMING SOON: A Comprehensive Cyber Solution Platform for CPA Firms with the CyberCPA Endorsement

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CAMICO is pleased to announce that we have entered into a relationship with Zywave, our strategic partner, to offer qualifying policyholders access to a comprehensive cyber solution platform offering cyber-related assessments; training opportunities, policies and procedures, a phishing test and access to cyber experts via their advice hotline. The new platform’s anticipated go-live is scheduled … Read more

Claim Chronicles 121-B

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Topic: Fraudulent Wire Transfers, Social Engineering SchemeServices: Bookkeeping and Bill Pay Worthingham Financial, an established accounting firm, has been providing bookkeeping and bill pay services to consumer finance business Smart Money Express. The process is consistent — Smart Money receives its invoices from its Chief Operating Officer Larry Tollefson. If the invoices are for more … Read more