Indemnification Clauses in Client Agreements…the Saga Continues

There has been a significant uptick of clients attempting to embed indemnification and/or hold harmless clauses in various documents executed with CPA firms (e.g., non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements, business associate agreements, data protection agreements, etc.) to shift financial liability through contractual apportionment of risk. CAMICO has also noted an increasing trend of clients pushing back on firms’ … Read more

Claim Chronicles 124

Claim Chronicles 124-A  Topic: Trustee Role, Services  Seth Johnson was married multiple times and had eight children from previous marriages. He married Lindsey Johnson in 2012 and was married to her until his death in 2018. In 1991, Mr. Johnson established the Seth Michael Johnson Living Trust. Upon his death, the Trust was to be … Read more

Recruit, Engage and Retain: Creating a Workplace Where Your Employees Will Thrive

WIIFM, the age-old acronym for “What’s In it For Me,” is the mantra of today’s workforce, whether for prospective candidates or long-term employees. Firms are being pressed into looking for creative ways to attract talent and to retain that talent. And with the cost of onboarding a professional rising to the tens of thousands, firms … Read more

January Tip of the Month – Helpful Documentation during Tax Season

CAMICO has been developing risk management solutions for CPAs for more than 37 years, and we recognize and understand the challenges facing CPA firms navigating each tax season’s nuances.  Below are helpful documentation tips to get you through tax season: Engagement letters. While engagement letters won’t immunize you from lawsuits, they can be your first line … Read more

5 Warning Signs of a Claim

Even when covered by insurance, claims can have a significant impact on your practice in terms of time, money, professional reputation, and peace of mind. By knowing the warning signs of a claim, and calling your risk advisor early on, you can help minimize the impact of lost billable hours, revenue and sleep. What are … Read more