Industry News: How the 2021 busy season is different

How the 2021 busy season is different

Two firms explain how they are practicing flexibility and understanding this busy season.

Across the country, some accounting firms prepared for the 2021 busy season by staffing up and offering more flexible work options for employees who are dealing with family issues during the pandemic.

But navigating business needs amid employees' personal needs during an ongoing pandemic has proved to be challenging. Liz Mason, CPA, knows that difficult balance well.

Industry News: What Is Your Long-Term Remote Work Strategy?

What Is Your Long-Term Remote Work Strategy?

We see signs of people returning to the office. You may connect via video conference with a client, peer or solution provider and see their office space behind them rather than a home office. Maybe you’re back in the office yourself. It’s not exactly a “return to normal” but a gradual shift into the new future of work. And no matter where you’re working as you read this, we need a long-term strategy for remote work/work-from-home.

The pandemic accelerated an existing trend


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