Compliance with the Federal Trade Commission “Safeguards Rule”

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The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLBA”) was passed by Congress in 1999 with bi-partisan support. A component of the GLBA, its Safeguards Rule, was first established in 2003, and required organizations defined as “financial institutions” to establish measures to keep their customers’ private information secure. In accordance with GLBA provisions, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has authority … Read more

Implementing Sound Billing and Collection Practices

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Problems arising from billing and collections practices have often plagued CPA firms. By taking a few basic steps in the creation of a thoughtful billing and collections policy, firms can avoid or manage such problems. Further, those same steps will help firms improve the quality of their practices, attract a better client base, help generate … Read more

Common Misconceptions that CPAs Believe Why They Will Never Be Sued

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Some CPAs believe that they will never be sued and therefore believe that they don’t need professional liability or other forms of insurance. The reasons for this position vary, but some common ones include, “I don’t make mistakes,” “All of my clients are friends,” or “I do tax work only.” The problem with this approach … Read more

Claim Chronicles 122

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Topic: Voluntary PaymentsServices: Tax Return Prep, Submission Claim 1: Peter Thompson of A6 Accounting Services received a letter from the state of Michigan advising him that an audit had been performed on his client’s 2021 tax return, and that penalties of $2,888 and interest of $11,679 were assessed. Thompson’s client owns a boat rental company … Read more

Risk Management Considerations for Firms Contemplating Outsourcing

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Outsourcing is a hot topic right now for the profession as CPA firms struggle with staffing constraints. Current challenges associated with firms attracting and retaining talent are expansive and include issues such as staffing qualified professionals for complex engagements, employee burnout, unrealistic and “heavy” workloads, as well as limitations on the ability to maintain and … Read more