CAMICO Welcomes CPA Mutual Policyholders

Ric Rosario, President and CEO of CAMICO Mutual Insurance Company, and the entire CAMICO team welcome CPA Mutual policyholders to the CAMICO program! On this page, please find links to:
  • A press release regarding the transfer of policyholders
  • The video featuring Ric, Bill Thompson, President of CPA Mutual, and Tom Warner of the CAMICO Communications team, and
  • An FAQ regarding the transfer of CPA Mutual policyholders to CAMICO.

Press Release: CAMICO and CPA Mutual Conclude Agreement to Transfer Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Program to CAMICO

Video: A Message from Ric Rosario, President and CEO of CAMICO and Bill Thompson, President of CPA Mutual

FAQs about CPA Mutual Policyholders Transitioning to CAMICO

What does this mean for CPA Mutual members?
CPA Mutual policyholders will gain some enhanced policy coverages and broader risk management services through CAMICO’s in-house loss prevention and claims team’s direct knowledge, expertise, and support.

When will all of this be effective?
The move to CAMICO will take effect as CPA Mutual policyholders renew on or after January 1, 2021, on the normal anniversary date of your policy.

What will happen in the transition?
CPA Mutual policyholders will receive an information packet approximately 60 days before their policy expiration date. The packet will include insurance forms, which should be completed and returned to the CPA Mutual office. CAMICO will prepare an insurance quote using the information provided to send back to the firm.

The CPA Mutual member service and sales team are now part of the CAMICO staff, and will continue servicing CPA Mutual accounts as they transition to CAMICO.

What other benefits CPA Mutual members will enjoy with CAMICO?
There are many benefits. Some highlights include:
  • Competitive rates and coverage
  • Availability of higher policy limits if needed
  • Unlimited, no-cost consultations with in-house CPAs, JDs and other experts via technical Advice Hotlines
  • Unlimited access to a Members-Only Site for practice and risk management tools and resources
  • Potential claims counseling from in-house, experienced Claims Specialists

Are there other insurance products CPAs need that they will have access to as they join CAMICO?
Yes, there are. CPA Mutual firms will have access to additional business insurance solutions such as: Employment Practices Liability, Cyber Coverage, Business Owners Package, and Workers Compensation – basically “one-stop” shopping for insurance can be handled by CAMICO.

How can you learn more about the CAMICO program?
CPA Mutual policyholders and anyone else interested in learning more about the CAMICO program are invited to visit the CAMICO webpages focusing on:

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