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CAMICO Risk Management Videos 

CAMICO understands that it is important for CPAs to keep current on issues affecting the profession, and to that end we have developed these short risk management videos. The videos are designed to provide CPAs advice on loss prevention topics such as responding to a subpoena, best practices when drafting CPA engagement letters, risks and rewards of disengaging, guidance on avoiding fraud, and much more. They feature loss prevention specialists and claims experts who are familiar with the profession and the daily management of a practice.

The Do's and Don'ts of Subpoenas
Chris Piety, Esq., Legal Expert and Ron Parisi, CPA, JD, CAMICO Executive Vice President of Risk Management
Did you know that subpoenas are just pre-printed forms that attorneys print out at their office and not court orders? In fact, complying with a subpoena without seeking proper counsel can actually create more problems, because CPAs are subject to a labyrinth of rules that restrict or prohibit disclosure of client information. In this short video, CAMICO exposes the intimidating aspects of the gun and the badge and offers CPAs some guidance on the right way to respond to a subpoena.

The CPA's Guide to Client Disengagement
Ron Klein, J.D., CFE, CAMICO Vice President Risk Management Counsel
Periodically, CPAs encounter situations that raise the question about client disengagement - an issue that needs careful consideration. In this short video, Ron Klein offers some advice on the disengagement process and how to evaluate the risks and rewards of disengaging. 

Date Security - Reduce the Risk to Your CPA Firm
Randy Werner, J.D., LL.M./Tax, CPA, CAMICO Loss Prevention Specialist
Data security is a growing concern for the CPA profession. CAMICO helps CPAs better understand the issues involved by providing risk management insights on how to better protect their firms. In this video, Randy Werner discusses five common data security mistakes and offers recommendations on how CPA firms can reduce their risk.   

The CPA's Guide to Avoiding Embezzlement Fraud
Ron Klein, J.D., CFE, CAMICO Vice President Risk Management Counsel
CAMICO's Loss Prevention hotline frequently receives calls from CPA policyholders who fall prey to embezzlement-related claims, even when rendering low-end services such as tax return preparation. Fortunately these claims are some of the most avoidable. In this short video, Ron Klein explains how CPAs are often blindsided by these claims and offers some practical risk management advice on how to avoid or reduce the risk of embezzlement fraud claims.  

Top 5 Ways CPAs Get Sued
Ron Parisi, CPA, JD, CAMICO Executive Vice President of Risk Management

This short CAMICO risk management video describes five pitfalls that are especially prone to litigation and offers some preventive risk management advice. Watch this video of Ron Parisi explaining what you can do to help prevent a lawsuit.

Top 5 Reasons Why CPAs Think They Won't Get Sued
Chris Piety, Esq., Legal Expert and Ron Parisi, CPA, JD, CAMICO Executive Vice President of Risk Management
Many CPAs think they won't get sued because they don't make mistakes, only do business with friends, and only do tax work, among other reasons. Find out why this approach to risk management could be putting your accounting practice at risk.

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